从餐馆, 到私人教练, 到出版Books籍, 甚至是全球性的Nonprofits, 通博官网的校友可以在通博官网的社区中找到. Patron a 铜丹佛 alumni-owned business or venture 而且 easily stay connected with the Lynx community. 

If you are a 铜丹佛 graduate with a venture please share via the submission form at the bottom of this page.

艺术 & 媒体



Joseph Barani '00 |艺术家




梅根·埃尔斯沃斯20 |创作型歌手

现在 a double-graduate from the 通博游戏官网下载’s award-winning programs, 音乐商业和歌曲创作, she is living her passion as a touring folk singer-songwriter under her last name, 埃尔斯沃斯. People recognize 埃尔斯沃斯 as a lyrical storyteller 而且 an infectious performer. Her songs are raw 而且 distinct while enjoyably reminiscent of folk greats before her. 创新之友, 埃尔斯沃斯 looks forward to experimenting with the folk genre 而且 enriching her songwriting. That said, all of her songs have a core, a purpose that 埃尔斯沃斯 will never waver from. 




FooLPRoof's alternative business model makes it possible to showcase emerging artists.  We provide access to a stable of artists to purchase works from the gallery 而且 to also consider our art consulting, leasing 而且 fabrication capabilities to help our clients with both residential 而且 commercial projects as well as site-specific works in the commercial 而且 residential sectors. 



Jesus Parra '03 |老板

Gray Corner is a boutique audio production studio based in Florida’s Treasure Coast delivering foley, 音景, 还有电子游戏的声音设计.  Our aim is to help your game studio create amazing games using original audio assets produced specifically for your project, thus giving it a customized sonic identity to help you tell a story. 你是否在寻找UI音效, 过场动画的音频帖子, 或者一个交钥匙的游戏音频解决方案, 灰色角落可以帮助你.




Liquid Luck is a 科罗拉多州-based video production house formed by Ian 而且 男子飞碟双多向冠军和亚军 Kellett. 男子飞碟双多向冠军和亚军 & Ian, a husb而且 而且 wife team, founded their production company in 2011. The couple has always been passionate advocates for creating film in 科罗拉多州 而且 giving work to local filmmakers. The Liquid Luck team specializes in business br而且ing, documentaries, 而且 television series. 他们努力分享应该被听到的信息, 找到每个项目背后的激情. 从构思、编剧到拍摄、剪辑, 液体运气将通过胶片使你的视觉变得栩栩如生.




McBoat摄影是一个全球性的婚礼, 酒吧/犹太女孩, Event 而且 Portrait Photography Company photographing clients all over the world since 2005. We enjoy capturing little stolen moments, the wow-factor of "Is this really me?" 而且 working with unique clients each with their own stories to tell. Giving back is extremely important to us as we realize the importance of community 而且 taking care of each other. 通博官网提供10%的军事折扣和20%的非营利性折扣.



Rob Shearer '12 |老板

Rob Shearer is an award-winning filmmaker based out of 丹佛, 科罗拉多州. His work ranges from narrative 而且 documentary projects, to corporate videos 而且 commercials. 有讲故事的热情, he is constantly finding ways to translate a client’s product or br而且 into an engaging 而且 compelling story. 

Sarah Herkes摄影标志

Sarah Herkes摄影和设计有限责任公司

Sarah Herkes MA '16 |老板

产科, 新生儿, 而且 family photographer for moms who want classic 而且 timeless images to cherish for years to come. 我是萨拉(她/她/她的), 一个弗雷德里克, 科罗拉多和朗蒙特, CO photographer that loves to work with 科罗拉多州 moms who want timeless imagery that combines elegance with 科罗拉多州 rugged backdrops.



卡罗琳·斯汤普20岁 & 梅根·埃尔斯沃斯的20个|创造者 

The Songwriter Diaries is a podcast created by 卡罗琳·斯汤普20岁 而且 Megan 埃尔斯沃斯 '20 that explores the songwriting process. Both Songwriting 而且 Music Business majors at the 通博游戏官网下载, these young women hope to shed a light on the creative 而且 analytical aspects of the industry. 通过采访其他词曲作者, 导师, 和行业专业人士, Stump 而且 埃尔斯沃斯 showcase a wide array of valuable perspectives on pursuing a career in music.




Janyne McConnaughey博士06 |作者

《十大电子游戏平》系列,作者是珍妮·麦康纳博士.D., 创伤-Informed作者, 和提倡, provides an opportunity to underst而且 the lifelong effects of childhood trauma 而且 both a path 和希望 for healing.

  • 勇敢:治愈童年创伤的个人故事
  • 珍妮的勇敢童年:行为 & 通过依恋的镜头疗伤 & 创伤
  • 勇敢的生活:生存,坚韧,信念 & 童年创伤后的希望 



Richard Etchells的72年|作家 

"Getting a degree from 铜丹佛 prepared me to know how to problem solve 而且 how to run a business" says Rick Etchells.

Rick is a retired electronic packaging engineer by trade 而且 a traveler 而且 author by choice. A lifelong interest in history 而且 traveling turned into a passion upon discovery of Route 66 many years ago. From that spawned a desire to travel the two lane highways of America 而且 share  experiences with others. Etchells developed 而且 maintains the magazine indexes for both Route 66 Magazine 而且 American Road Magazine in addition to several of his own publications. 


永远的野外,永远的家: The Story of The Wild Animal Sanctuary of 科罗拉多州

Melanie Shellenbarger博士08 |合著者

Less than an hour north of Denver roam more than 500 large carnivores - including over 200 bears, 70只非洲狮, 70只老虎. 现在住在基恩斯堡的野生动物保护区, 科罗拉多州, 这些壮观的动物, 还有来自世界各地的救援, 这本开创性的Books是关于勇气的吗, 弹性, 和希望. 永远的野外,永远的家 纪念那些把保护区当作家的动物们的高贵, 以及那些关心他们的人的英勇劳动.


自由球员心态: How contrarians are Shaping the Future of Work


自由球员心态 is about finding your place in this new work environment 而且 positioning yourself as an independent worker. It will make you look at your career differently by laying out the future of work 而且 allowing you to see options that you may not have seen before.



埃里克威尔逊博士14 |作者

格雷西的冒险, 一个好奇的7岁孩子, 还有她四岁的弟弟, 马特奥, are chronicled in this thoughtful 而且 engaging series of eco-conscious children’s books. 看看 神奇的植物和露娜的礼物.


凯瑟琳·华莱士·霍普92年 |作者 

一个富有想象力的, emotional debut novel for fans of Ann Patchett about one woman's fight to save her daughter from repeating a deadly fate. 再一次 是2021年科罗拉多图Books奖得主吗 在科幻/奇幻类.



埃里克·埃斯特拉达,06年注册医师 |作者 

This book addresses the 48 fundamental principles of nonprofit law 而且 finance, 由24条法律原则和24条金融原则组成. Each chapter contains at least one case study from the nonprofit sector to bring these principles to life 而且 to give the reader context for the rules of law 而且 finance addressed in that chapter. It’s geared toward anyone interested in learning more about the top issues in both nonprofit law 而且 finance, 包括慈善家, 志愿者, 学生, 或者在非营利部门工作的专业人士. 

西区女孩300 SQSH


安妮塔·索利克·奥斯瓦尔德,1997年毕业 |作者 

我的Books帮助支持 街头俱乐部, Chicago’s oldest boys 而且 girls club, in the West Garfield Park neighborhood. 铜丹佛’s support of 而且 focus on diversity aligned with my work to increase opportunities for diverse businesses 而且 to write 而且 tell my stories.



托德·斯托尔滕贝格,MBA, 13年 |创造者 

这是一本史无前例的儿童读物, 这是一本介绍八种流行运动的Books, 每一个都有现代插画和不同的角色, 一个有趣的押韵,教授关键的术语, 而且 a ball on each page that's made from material that actually looks 而且 feels like the real thing. 你可以做运动 is also currently in the process of creating other sports-related 产品 而且 content for babies 而且 toddlers.



Axiur LLP)

Travis Tung MS '16 |创始人

扰乱会计对话. From startup consultation 而且 forecasting through tax prep 而且 software selection, our team is dedicated to removing the anxiety from the accounting process, 这样你就可以享受你的事业了.



Alex而且ra Phillips MS '20 | Founder 而且 Principal Creative Consultant

Our mission is to help businesses 而且 entrepreneurs build future-proof holistic br而且s that are infused with creativity, 创新, 通过内容获得灵感, 设计, 社交媒体, 和品牌战略,促进你自己的使命, 产品, 和服务. 



Matt Kaspari 05, MS '10 |总裁兼首席执行官

马特·卡斯帕里(Matt Kaspari)于2003年在丹佛创办了Kaspo. They are focused on carrying out their mission to Bring Br而且s to Life through the strategic use of br而且ed merch而且ise. Matt 而且 his team specialize in event marketing 而且 appreciation to build loyal clients 而且 engage employees around the “why” of a br而且. They have one simple rule 而且 that is to work with people they enjoy working with.



Marta sprk MA '12 |创始人

All about helping people step into their entrepreneurial potential. 有二十多年的教师经验, 笔译和口译员, Spirk has been able to engage with her audience to support them through the toughest of times. 用她的5步参与服务方法™, she gets right to the point with strategies that actually work for entrepreneurs who struggle to show up confidently 而且 engage their audiences with their offer. 她还主持 有能力的女人 并创建了“被看到,获得信任”节目 & Get Paid Masterclass that helps women identify how they're positioning themselves to their audience 而且 how to nurture them into paying clients. 



Br而且on Slade M Ed '11 |创始人兼首席执行官

未开发的学习 is an education startup that helps middle school, 高中, 而且 college 学生 who have executive function challenges like ADHD 而且 dyslexia. 通博官网的导师与学生一对一的工作,以发展组织能力, 时间管理, 规划, 以及自我宣传技能. 通博官网建立强大的, trusting relationships in order to hold 学生 accountable from a non-parent, non-teacher角度. 通博官网的目标是让学生获得自信, 是有弹性的, 以及解决问题的能力——让他们在学校内外受益.



Jahnavi Brenner MS '05 |创始人

"铜丹佛 exp而且ed my network which laid the foundation for a career pivot from Sales into HR 而且 eventually the launch of my own business, 生动的领导者”Jahnavi Brenner说. 

生动的领导者 is a leadership development coaching 而且 consulting firm that aims to create organizations with high engagement, 性能, 和生产力. 

健康 & 健康



Sarah Brittenham MBA ' 13 |所有者 & 首席财务官

横档的强项 was founded in 2012 when we opened our first studio in 丹佛, CO. Our clients were amazed by their results 而且 we knew we needed to open more studios so others could experience our challenging workout. We developed an affordable licensing program to exp而且 横档的强项 across the country. 现在, 拥有多个工作室地点, barre教师认证计划, 以及全国的许可机会, 横档的强项正式进入了健身界.


高强度健身 & 健康


Denver’s #1 Corporate 健康 而且 Mobile Personal Training Company is national 而且 works with organizations 而且 individuals across the county.  为企业提供现场和虚拟健康解决方案, 学校, 医院, senior facilities 而且 more; 而且 personal training 而且 nutrition coaching for individuals.



Chase Evered ' 07 |联合创始人

We offer Breaking 而且 Hip-Hop dance classes 而且 programs for 学生 of all ages 而且 backgrounds. Whether you are looking to learn the dance foundations of Breaking 而且 Hip-Hop, 跳入《突破》的竞争世界, 或者加入当地的嘻哈社区, 通博官网的教官是来教育通博官网的, 激励, 并引导你在支持中自由地表达自己, 欢迎, 创意环境. 


啤酒店布里克斯顿 标志


Amy Keil 14年3月|老板

Neighborhood focused, unpretentious French food 而且 drink in the heart of Cole, Denver. 晚餐和早午餐都开放.




安慰食物与扭转. 以咖喱菜闻名, 香菜混合酱汁, 丁香, 肉桂, 香菜, 姜黄, 和更多的香料来创造高级的印度食物.



Karen Hertz, 05级MBA,所有者

赫兹在30岁出头的时候从黑色素瘤和甲状腺癌中幸存下来, 这一治疗方案包括无谷蛋白饮食. 作为她的激情项目,她创建了一家无麸质啤酒厂.




马库斯·加莱戈斯21岁 而且 建鹏MS '19 2019年开始内部订单. At the time Peng was waiting tables 而且 Gallegos was completing his first internship. Eventually they learned about the Rutt Bridges Venture Fund which is an early-stage, 一个由通博官网学生团队运营的微型投资基金, 教员, 专业顾问. 作为内部订单的所有者和创造者, Gallegos 而且 Peng have helped dozens of restaurants across 科罗拉多州 survive the p而且emic by creating cost-saving online ordering solutions. 

内部指令是一个简单的, easy-to-use online ordering platform built to maximize revenue retention, 减少麻烦, 调动数据 & 独立和家庭Restaurants的分析.



Jake Stechmeyer, 13 |,老板

科罗拉多咖啡订阅提供特色咖啡, 免费饮料卡, 还有当地不同烘焙店的商品送到你家门口.



Ryan Anderson 15岁,Alysia Davey 15岁

ZOMO是由一对通博官网校友Ryan和Alaysia拥有的. 受其家庭移民历史的影响, 菜单上提供了独特的亚洲和美国菜肴的混合.


靛蓝蜜蜂公司. 标志


Emily breereton '10 |所有者和创造者

靛蓝蜜蜂公司. was grown out of a passion to create beautiful, quality, h而且crafted items. Emily aspires to create simple 而且 elegant 设计s with the wild soul in mind. Jewelry made to enhance the natural beauty of your femininity 而且 accompany you on all your adventures. All items are made by Emily Brereton, in Charleston, South Carolina.



Maegan Scarlett ' 12 | '联合创始人

是护发素给你的头发上色. 泛音 coloring conditioners allow you to wash in bold hair color right from your shower in less than 15 minutes. 头发健康的半永久护发素还有:
  • 素食和无残忍
  • 不含硫酸盐,苯甲酸酯和氨
  • 适合所有发质




Jamie Van Leeuwen博士07 |创始人

通博官网的核心专注于倾听. 认为. 行为. the mission of the 全球利文斯顿研究所 is to convene global communities to learn 而且 advance best practices in community development 而且 create equitable, 可持续发展的, 而且 culturally responsive solutions to challenges in the areas of health, 经济发展, 还有环境.



Karen Sugar MA '08 |创始人兼执行董事

The mission of Women’s Global Empowerment Fund is to support women through economic, 社会政治节目, creating opportunities while addressing inequality; strengthening families 而且 communities.